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Exporting Your Video for Cablecast

Filed in Editing Tips & Tricks by on January 25, 2019 • views: 2089

Exporting your video can be confusing, especially for beginning editors. If you’re exporting your video for channel 99, we require certain settings so that your video can play on the channel and on Video On Demand. Follow these simple steps, and your video will be on TV in no time! 


  1. On your timeline window, Set ‘Mark In’ and ‘Mark Out’ points for start and finish of your project…OR…set Project Bar to beginning and end of your project
  2. At the top menu, click FILE>EXPORT>MEDIA (Command + M)
  3. On the left, under the area showing your video, select your SOURCE RANGE as either ‘SEQUENCE IN/OUT’ or ‘WORK AREA’ based on what you did in Step 1
  4. Under the FORMAT dropdown, choose the H.264 codec (You can also choose MPEG2 with 1080p 29.97 if you are working with MPEG2 footage…note you will need to render with H.264 for YouTube anyways)
  5. Under PRESET, choose HD 1080p 29.97
  6. Click ‘Output Name’ to choose a name. SAVE file to 12401-SXHD2 Server>Media Drive
  7. Fill out a Cablecast Form and turn it in to Susan for your program to air on the station!

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