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Congressman Keating Issues Statement on Vote to Reopen Government

Filed in NEWS HEADLINES, politics by on January 24, 2018 0 Comments • views: 61

Congressman William Keating has issued a statement following the vote to re-open the government:

“I want to reinforce the bipartisan efforts of my colleagues in the Senate who fought hard for a chance to protect the 800,000 Dreamers who came here as children.  While I share a degree of skepticism that Republicans will keep their word to resolve this critical issue in good faith, I believe the best course is to hold them to their commitment and reopen the government for the next three weeks.

“The hard reality remains that we found ourselves in a shutdown because of a core inability of Republicans – who are in complete control of all three levers of government – to govern.  Almost 100 people a day are dying from the opioid epidemic; community health centers are on the verge of closing due to lack of funding; despite a year of catastrophic weather events, disaster relief for far too many families hasn’t come; and the list goes on and on.  The Trump Administration and Republican majority cannot continue to lurch from crisis to crisis, stripping money from fundamental needs here at home.”


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