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Editing: Your File Saving Workflow

Filed in Blog, Editing Tips & Tricks by on May 6, 2019 • views: 751

When editing a Premiere Pro Project, especially at the Media Center, it is important to save the files you will be working with in one location. Here, you will be saving everything into your personal folder in our Server

AVOID saving any files to the desktop!!! If you save files to the desktop, you will not be able to access them from other edit stations. Even if you save your Premiere Project file in your folder, but save a clip you are using on a desktop, Premiere will not be able to access the clip from any other computer, and the clip might even get deleted.

Here are some suggestions for storing your files in a simple, accessible manner:

  • Within your folder, you may want to organize your files by episode or project (see below)

By project:

By episode:

  • Save all of the files associated with each specific episode or project within that folder. This includes video, audio, music, graphics, photos, etc., as well as the Premiere Project itself.


  • You may find it helpful to organize these in folders within each episode/project folder. (see below)

  • When you create your Premiere Project, make sure to save it in the corresponding folder within your folder on the server!


  • Try to AVOID moving Premiere Projects and clips to a different folder after you’ve started editing. If you start moving files around, Premiere may have trouble finding your media the next time you try to open your project.


Happy editing! If you have questions about saving your files, contact your favorite staff member!

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