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Fake News: Everyone’s sharing it, are you?

Filed in Blog, Uncategorized by on August 28, 2017 0 Comments • views: 773

If you’re a consumer of online news and a user of social media, chances are you’ve come across some form of “fake news.”  

Recent research outlines some of the changes in media and social media that has affected American Democracy.  Last year, during Election 2016, many people heard of “fake news” for the first time. The spreading of fake news comes from sharing content that doesn’t come from a credible source. These stories can go viral, because many people don’t understand why reading beyond the headline before sharing is important.  Fake news is spread when:

  • False reports or content is shared and gone viral
  • People post their opinions and they are interpreted as facts
  • Users aren’t familiar with credible news sources or major networks, nor do they acknowledge the bias that may come with each.


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