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Old Underground Cartoonist, Illustrator, Trendspotter, Psychic Detective and Outermost Hoodoo Doctor

THANK YOU NED for sticking around the month of February! If you have not stopped in to enjoys Ned’s work, you have one more month!

Sometimes its OK to Brag!

“A MILLION THANKS to EVERYONE at the CAPE COD MEDIA CENTER for the OUTSTANDING training and support in launching Kennedy-Donovan Center, Cape Cod Community Services American Sign Language series!!!! We appreciate you all! Thank you to SUSAN JOHNSON for going above and beyond to insure that our first filming session went as professional as possible! We are grateful to be associated with such an incredible organization right here on Cape Cod!”

The Cape Cod Community Media Center in collaboration with the Woods Hole Film Festival presents:

Movie Night at the Media Center: an Evening of Film

This inaugural movie night event will host a documentary film entitled, “The Entertainers”.

Join us on Wednesday, February 12, from 6-9 PM!
$20/pp includes film, light meal with soft drinks, and a meeting with a member of the film!

PLEASE contact JAY at 508-394-2388 ext. 103 FOR RESERVATIONS

The Entertainers, is a documentary moving picture about the musicians of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. For thirty-five years, piano players from across the world have strapped on their bow ties, arm garters, and straw boater hats and descended on Peoria, Illinois to battle for the title of World’s Greatest Old-Time Piano Player. With humor, passion and an unsurpassed devotion to the old-time music, specifically ragtime, these players compete to claim glory and to remind the world that ragtime, the first truly American popular music, should not be forgotten just yet.

Movie Night at the Media Center is a new collaboration with the Woods Hole Film Festival to help

bring independent film-making to the Cape year round and build on the summer Festival. Now in its 23rd year, the Woods Hole Film Festival supports the work of emerging independent filmmakers and collaborates with organizations Cape-wide to offer film programming. The Cape Cod Community Media Center collaboration with the Woods Hole Film Festival offers filmmakers and film fans the opportunity to expand the audience and outreach for independent film on Cape Cod.

We hope you will join us for this fantastic new collaboration!

This is the first in a new monthly series happening the second Wednesday of each month throughout the Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Join us after the screening until 9pm for some Q&A discussions along with an associate from the film. ***This Q&A discussion maybe be recorded for later broadcast on Channel 99 and YouTube.***

Learning Lab series on the first Wednesday February 4:30-6pm! Come in on Feb 5th and see what Jay is teaching!


Conservative Lighting…Can’t see enough? Well, instead of reaching for the ole’ tungsten-based lighting, why not try out today’s newest technologies of LED and CFL (Compact Fluorescent). LED, light-emitting diode, is the hot new lighting gadget for shooting video and photography with. It’s very energy efficient and runs super cool, as in temperature, not ‘fun to be around’. Though you can easily change color temperatures when you need to. Fluorescent lights, though they have been around a while, are taking new shape as compact versions. These CFL’s allow you to use them with soft boxes, not just long panels. LED’s can also be found as on-camera lights, as well as panels, to light rooms or subjects. Next project, give one of these new gadgets a try, shed some light, and lighten your gear load! Or go ultra-conservative and use natural light!

Looking for Crew?

To help solve a continuous problem: “Looking for Crew?” GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and post there.

Equipment Update

Apple Logic Pro X software is now available in Studio B for music composition! For more information or lessons, contact Amar or Jay for lessons.

NEW WEBSITE…..Check it out!
For shows schedules go to
and click on today’s schedule for further air times.

Be a part of the Media Center with Basic Field Production course, Studio Production, and one on one tutoring available. Contact Jamie to sign-up or for more information.

Please be advised that programming will be subject to change without notice to accommodate time sensitive and seasonal programing. We will try to rotate through shows so no one show is bumped more than another. Thank you for your patience in advance.


IF you want to keep getting our newsletter and guide through the post office, PLEASE contact Linda at 508-394-2388 or and make your request to continue to get your monthly delivery.

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