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Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in Video Editing

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Cape Cod Community Media Center – Intro to Video Editing Course

Adobe the company that makes and sells Premiere Pro software.

Audio what the editor and viewer can hear.

Audio Effects alters the way an audio clip is heard, for correction or creativity.

Audio Meter Panel where sound is measured in terms of dB levels (broadcast limit is -6dB).

Audio Transition allows for creative transitions between audio clips.

Auto Save saves your progress automatically, measured at various times.

Bin a kind of folder that is accessible in a panel.

Black Matte a clip of black video.

Clip a file containing video and/or audio information.

Color Matte a clip of video, colored a specific way.

Crawl characters and/or shapes that movie across the screen like a news ticker.

Effects Controls a tab on the source panel where effects can be placed and altered.

Expand allows the editor to see what’s inside a bin (indicated by a triangle).

Exporting combines the edited video and audio clips in a sequence into one file.

Eyedropper a tool used for selecting a specific color viewable on the screen.

History gives a list of all commands per editing session.

Importing linking files into your project panel for editing.

Info gives detailed information about selected media.

Keyframe a start or end point for a motion path or animation.

Keyframe Movement creates animations for video positioning, audio levels, and various effects.

Left Click a click (or double-click) on the left side of the mouse, for selecting things.

Lumetri Scope a panel used to measure video signal strength (broadcast limit is 100IRE)

Panel a rectangular area on the screen with a specific purpose

Premiere Pro the name of the editing software created by Adobe

Project Panel where the clips are linked, and where sequences and titles are stored.

ProcAmp a processor amplifier, used for changing brightness and color.

Program Panel where the edited clips in the timeline panel are viewed.

Project a Premiere file that contains all of the editor’s editing information.

Rendering conforms the video and audio clips in a sequence for smooth playback.

Right Click a click on the right side of the mouse for opening different options.

Roll characters and/or shapes that move upward like the end of a movie.

Rolling Edit Tool allows editor to move in and out points simultaneously.

Safe Margins an area of the screen that indicates everything within the broadcast area.

Save saves your progress (keyboard shortcut: Command+S).

Selection Tool turns the pointer into an arrow for selecting things on the screen.

Sequence a workspace containing multiple video and audio tracks for editing.

Shared Panel a panel area where multiple panels are grouped in tabs.

Source Panel where clips are edited, and effects are added and changed.

Timeline Panel where sequences are opened (and closed).

Title characters and/or shapes that can placed into a sequence.

Tool Panel where editing tools are accessible.

Undo cancels most recent command (keyboard shortcut: Command+Z).

Video Effects alters the way a video clip is seen, for correction or creativity.

Video Transition allows for creative transitions between video clips.

Video what the editor and viewer can see.

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