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How to Make an Awesome Video on Your Smartphone

Filed in Blog, Community by on July 31, 2018 • views: 604


If you’re new to filmmaking, or have a limited timeframe or budget, you can still create a high-quality video with only a smartphone. Follow these tips to create a truly spectacular smartphone video:



  • Prepare a great script or interview questions

Any good video has to send a compelling message. Read your script aloud to make sure it’s concise, interesting, and not too long or short.

  • Think about storyboarding and shot composition

Planning out your shots first will save you a lot of time in the production process!



  • Get stable footage and smooth camera movement

Consider using a smartphone tripod, especially for still shots. If you don’t have one, hold your phone with both hands, and lock your elbows by your sides. For camera movement, move your whole body, not just your hands.

  • Adjust your phone’s exposure

Most smartphones allow you to adjust the exposure in your camera app! Tap the screen and adjust by dragging up or down on the exposure slider. Once you’ve got it right, lock your exposure with the AF/AE lock.



  • Include all the elements of a great video

iMovie and other editing apps allow you to insert clips, photos, graphics, voiceovers, music, and transitions. Play around with all these elements until your video looks smooth and professional.



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