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January 2014 NEWSLETTER

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Old Underground Cartoonist, Illustrator, Trendspotter, Psychic Detective and Outermost Hoodoo Doctor

After knocking around NYC for 12 years after art school, (Pratt ’73, BFA in Cinematography/Animation) in ’85 I got three great assignments. Betty Boop, and OUTLAW BIKER and DIMENSIONS Magazines. I’ve done most of the Licensing Art you’ve seen involving Betty; beach towels, lunchboxes, fridge magnets, t-shirts. I certainly don’t own the character; she was invented at Fleischer Studios in 1930. I get my assignments from King Features Syndicate, which owns most of the classic newspaper comic strip characters. OUTLAW BIKER and its family of tattoo art magazines have had me illustrate fiction and news-stories for 190 consecutive issues! Many, many, folks are walking around with my images tattooed on them, though I don’t tattoo people myself. My friend and mentor is Spider Webb who took tattoo flash into the Art Gallery scene. DIMENSIONS are now mostly online, but up ’til the early 90s I was doing cartoon pin-up-girls for its covers. The magazine was revolutionary in that it was devoted to glamorous plus-size women and their admirers, featuring romance fiction, personal ads and news of political activism involving Size Acceptance. For the last 3 years I’ve been pulling-together the story-arc begun in my mid-to-late ’70s comic strip serial ‘Glittering Skyline of Marsport’ for CREATIVE COMPUTING Magazine… and continued-as-such in the first half of the ’90s in DIMENSIONS… into an entertainment-package outline: DO CYBORGS ON VACATION EAT FRIED INFORMATION? A hundred characters… 300 pages of notes and sketches… and during the summer of ’12, 6 acrylic-on-canvas paintings depicting scenes from it all…

Meet Ned at his open house, Monday January 6,

from 5-7 pm.
New series starting in February, a collaboration with the Wood Hole Film Festival…a movie night each month! details coming soon!

Learning Lab series on first Wednesday of each month starting February! Stay tuned for more details!


Headphones: Earbuds or Over-the-Ear headsets (aka, cans)? A necessity in the field, though useful in the studio…These days the most common are earbuds. However, be VERY CAREFUL of your LEVELS! Buds can cause hearing loss MUCH quicker than cans. While buds tend to block out more extraneous noise with their rubber suspensions, headsets tend to give a more accurate representation of sound frequencies. So, when in doubt, test them out! Hear what a $15pr sounds like vs a $200pr. For most, an average headset is about $100 which gets you a lot of what you will need to hear. Good Buds typically price about $30-150 for a good set. Best case is to have one of each.

Looking for Crew?

To help solve a continuous problem: “Looking for Crew?” GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and post there.

Equipment Update

Apple Logic Pro X software is now available in Studio B for music composition! For more information or lessons, contact Amar or Jay for lessons.

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Be a part of the Media Center with Basic Field Production course, Studio Production, and one on one tutoring available. Contact Jamie to sign-up or for more information.

Please be advised that programming will be subject to change without notice to accommodate time sensitive and seasonal programing. We will try to rotate through shows so no one show is bumped more than another. Thank you for your patience in advance.

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