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Meet the 2016 Interns

Filed in Press Room by on September 1, 2016 0 Comments • views: 1092

Jack Iten

My internship at the Cape Cod Community Media Center has been phenomenal. Everyday I look forward to coming into my internship to see what type of cool project we are working on. From working on the State Senate Debate to World Music Day and so many more projects, I can honestly say that no two days are exactly alike. I chose to do an internship at the media center because I have been studying television production and I knew that I was going to get a lot more hands on experience here than at any other internship. Finally the staff here has been so great about helping me learn more about what goes into a production and showing me some of the more advanced work that you can only really get from a hands on experience. Overall I consider myself very lucky to have this fantastic internship working with these amazing staff members.

Jenny Walsh
I was beyond ecstatic to receive a call about interning here at the media center this summer. I had read about this opportunity on the cape media website, and decided to send in an application for the job. To a first year college student who has had little experience in the film and television industry, this opportunity sounded incredible – I would get to be on camera, working behind the scenes in the studio, and editing shows in post production. I have only been here a few weeks and have learned so much. Since starting the internship I have worked on projects and covered events such as Relay for Life, Cornhole tournaments, music videos, and have even been given the opportunity to co produce a TV series. For someone like me who is working towards a degree in Communication and Theatre, and trying to break into the film industry, this internship is a dream come true. I hope to learn even more from my experiences and coworkers, and am excited for what the rest of the summer holds.
Izzie Caplan

I’m Izzi Caplan, one of the interns at Cape Media and a rising senior at American University. As a Film & Media Arts and Creative Writing student, I’m ecstatic to be creating all sorts of content this summer!

I’ve been interning for about three weeks now, and things are starting to heat up. Here are some of the highlights so far:
– Shooting a riveting and highly informational video about the game of cornhole;
– Attempting to get useable green screen footage for a troupe of very mobile Oklahoma dancers;
-Filming a presentation about the Cape Cod energy grid, and eating the pastries provided for the attendees;
-Starting production on a sketch comedy show with the other interns, Jack and Jenny (get ready for some quality content)!

At this rate, I can tell my internship at the Media Center is going to be an invaluable skill-building experience – and a lot of fun!

Note:  Jack, Jenny and Izzie created a sketch comedy while they were here- be prepared to laugh!

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