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Member Spotlight

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We are putting our members in a new spotlight! We want to highlight our members and their work at the Media Center.  Our members work to create content for our channel, volunteer their time for community events and studio productions that take place here at the Media Center.  Followers can expect to be introduced to a new member on Mondays.

Staff Spotlight

This week, we`re highlighting two of our own. Paula Hersey, our Director of Community Relations & Special Projects and News Director Sarah Colvin attended the Boston Women`s March.  They traveled with approximately 500 other participants from Cape Cod. The March started at Boston Common on the corner of Beacon and Charles Streets. ” It was a historic day of love, solidarity and resolve.” said Paula. Great coverage!


 Katrina Valenzuela

Katrina is an adjunct professor at CCCC where she teaches courses on Egyptian Dance and Culture as well as Arabic Language.

How long have you been a member?
Since 1983? Not sure, but used to run camera for a show called The Spirit of Dance.

What are you currently working on? What productions have you done in the past?
I have produced my Transformations Show since the mid 90s and it aired throughout Cape Cod and Plymouth. The show is about Egyptian dance, music, and culture, Goddess mythology and Ancient Egypt. I began with my co-producer, the late Ruth Albert, and a dedicated crew, most of whom are gone now.  I took a break from it for a few years and now am back, I and my team of dancers with Jamie`s assistance, have produced four shows this season. 

What equipment do you use here at the Media Center? Everything in the control room and studio, editing stations as well. 

What should our community know about the Media Center? It`s a great place to make your creative visions a reality. The staff is great and willing to help whenever you need them. 

Visit her website!


Andrew Giles Buckley

How long have you been a member? Terry taught my class in studio production in the fall of 1991, I believe. So that’s 25 years?

What do you use the media center for?
First, I really value being able to borrow equipment for our field work. Lights, microphones, audio recorders, cameras, and even a really solid tripod are things that really make the difference in the quality of production. Could we just use my phone and record in 4K? Sure. But correcting the image and audio is tedious. Secondly, we sometimes use Studio A for cutaway shots, and Studio B for recording voiceovers. Thirdly, the Media Center is our fiscal sponsor when it comes time to apply for grants that need a non-profit entity to disburse funds to. And lastly, it’s just a great place to meet other creative people, talk about ideas and quickly solve technical issues that arise.
What are you currently working on? As part of our adventure/travel series, Hit and Run History, we’re in post production for Stephano: The True Story of Shakespeare’s Shipwreck. That follows the 17th century adventures of Stephen Hopkins, from his humble beginnings in the English countryside to life as a castaway on Bermuda, meeting Pocahontas in Jamestown, and then as a Mayflower passenger just up the road in Plymouth. It’s the first joint production of the Cape Cod Community Media Center and Rhode Island PBS. Once we premiere it there, we plan to offer it to other PBS stations nationwide. We shot on location in England, Bermuda, Virginia, and here on the Cape.
What should our community know about the Media Center? That while there is a lot to learn here, you don’t have to learn everything. Once you get the basics down, you can specialize in what appeals to you. Producing in the studio, working a camera out in the field, editing video and laying in a soundtrack. All of those are very important roles, and each are creative in their own way. You can do as little or as much as you want, but the tools and expertise are made available to you and it’s an unbeatable bargain.

STEPHANO: The True Story of Shakespeare's Shipwreck [TRAILER]

NEW TRAILER! Follow the Gumshoe Historians as they track the story of the former tropical island castaway who made his way onto the Mayflower and into Shakespeare's final play, The Tempest. Crisscrossing the Atlantic, it's a new tale of adventure from Hit and Run History. Coming this year to Rhode Island PBS & Cape Cod Community Media Center.

Posted by Hit and Run History on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Shelter Cape Cod Telethon Volunteers

Last week a group of our members volunteered for the Shelter Cape Cod Telethon that was held at the Media Center Thursday December 8th. The telethon raised over $74,000 and our members donated hours of their time for camera operation for a four hour live production. We thank you all for truly making a difference in our community!


volunteer-2 volunteer-3 volunteer1volunteer4


Darby Lyons

“I don`t believe I would have ever had the opportunity to do what I do and learn what I`ve learned from Media Center.”

Darby Lyons has been a member at the Media Center since 2007. He has worked on everything from sketch comedy, skits, and filmmaking. “I`ve learned a lot here,” he said. “I have been pushing myself every year to do better.” For about a year, Darby has been working on producing a film inspired by Star Wars. The filmmaking process has included a years worth of filming, editing, and green screen work. “I watch hours and hours of tutorials, as much as I can learn in school, I have learned so much from tutorials,” said Darby.  Darby is interested in learning more in Adobe After Effects and has interest in Sci-Fi production.  He is always looking for extras for his film.










Beth Patkoske

bethSince the day Beth became a member,  she has been actively involved at the Media Center.  Beth is one of the co-producers for Cape Cod Senior Navigator presented by Thirwood Place.  Cape Cod Senior Navigator is a themed monthly show aimed at entertaining and educating seniors as they navigate life on Cape Cod. The 30-minute show includes a 15-minute interview and three 5-minute segments.

Often times, you can find Beth at the Media Center editing a segment of the show.  Aside from producing Cape Cod Senior Navigator, Beth is also interested in learning more about television and video production. Patkoske recently attended an iPhotography workshop with Jack Hollingsworth that was offered at the Media Center this fall.  “I found the class full of helpful tips and it was a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Jack highlighted the intersection of technology, technique and talent which was a great perspective. I’ve already started incorporating the settings he recommended, the AE/AF lock, increased use of slow motion video and bursts. And I look forward to trying some of the resources he mentioned, from apps to accessories,” said Patkoske.


Laura Abbady


“It is important to be here and do projects for the community.”

Laura has been a member at the Media Center since 2009.  She is an award winning producer and visits the Media Center frequently. She is now working on videotaping environmental science lectures. Abbady loves the community aspect of the media center. It`s content for the community from the community,” said Abbady. Laura has been creating classrooms and capturing wildlife at local nature centers since 2009. She has done videos for Long Pasture Audubon, and Waquoit Bay Research Reserve. “I have a great interest in working with scientists and naturalists whose environmental science programs are becoming increasingly important.


Andy Diggs AKA “Diggs”

“I get to work with some wonderful people that I may not have ever met,” says long time member Andy Diggs.

Diggs is a longtime member of the Media Center with Diggs strong interests in music and photography. He has a background in theatre, and film. On any given day, you can find Diggs volunteering his time or helping a member on a production. “I like being able to interact with the community in a positive way,” said Diggs.  He volunteers regularly on the musical Live From Center Stage Production at the Media Center. “I`m giving back in a unique way by combining everything I enjoy; music, film, and theatre.”










Pam Hollingsworth

“It`s all about community, connecting with people, and being willing to help,” said long time member Pam Hollingsworth.

Pam is celebrating 30 years at the Cape Cod Community Media Center. “I`ve learned everything here. From producing, to editing and directing,” said Hollingsworth, who has worked on multiple productions here at the Media Center. Pam enjoys spreading positive messages through digital media. “There is so much potential here to spread a message or showcase an organization. It`s a community of artists  and a place to share a message,” said Pam. img_0153

Previously, pam has worked on a show with Sherianna Boyle called Striving from Anxiety, which has evolved into Choosing Love.  She has also worked on Awake in the Dream with Penelope Chatterton and on a school and community based show The DY Report. Pam has an interest in producing another show in the future involving teenagers. “I love bringing teenagers in here and showing them a little bit about what`s possible,” she states.
“For the price of a membership here, you have a land of opportunity. You can produce your own show, learn how to edit, or be a camera operator,” said Pam. Pam is a frequent camera operation volunteer as well as floor director.


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