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Breanna hard at work

 A letter from Breanna Gustafason, Summer intern 2015
“This summer I was lucky to have the opportunity to intern at the Cape Cod Community Media Center.  I am a Communication Studies major at Bridgewater State University with a concentration in film, video, and media studies. One thing I have learned while being in school is the importance of gaining experience outside of the classroom.  Not only does it help me become more engaged in what I`m learning but it looks good on a resume, which is what future employers want to see.  The Cape Cod Community Media Center has been a great starting point for my career in this field.  This summer, I have been able to apply what I previously learned on campus and apply it to my internship. Prior to starting my internship here I had completed courses such as videography, multimedia storytelling, journalism, and creative writing; all of which helped build a strong foundation for me to be successful at the internship site. Since May, I have been assigned to several projects. These projects included producing Public Service Announcements for local nonprofit organizations, producing a television show, and hosting shows that highlighted events or people in the community.  Currently, my largest area of interest is on air talent. This summer I have focused on building a demo reel that will be ready to send along with my resume to potential employers.  In order to build my reel, I took on the role as a show host for Channel 99`s shows Whats Happening, Profile, and The Gallery.  One of my career goals for the future is to work as a news anchor or reporter so having this experience and opportunity at the Cape Cod Community Media Center will put me in a better position to reach my goals.  Aside from applying what I had learned in the classroom at Bridgewater to the internship, I also gained more experience and learn concepts I had not been introduced to yet in school such as editing, field shooting, and conducting interviews on camera. During the production process of the TV show we produced this summer Live Like a Local, I learned how much time and energy goes into one episode of a television show.  For example, Paula and I spent the day in Chatham in the beginning of the July to capture footage all day.  After editing all of the clips and putting them together in a sequence we were left with 7 minutes of footage and produced a much shorter show than we had originally planned.   The first episode of our show did not air until about two and a half weeks after we had shot the footage. The whole process for the first episode included storyboarding, mapping out our shooting locations, shooting, editing, script writing, and filming an introduction for our show.  Now that we have one episode under our belt, episode # 2 is coming along a lot smoother.
My summer at the Cape Cod Community Media Center is coming to an end. I am highly satisfied with the hands on education I was able to gain during my internship here.  The staff here is so helpful and was eager to help me learn the ins and outs of the field.  Each staff member was highly knowledgeable in a wide range of areas such as audio engineering, editing, lighting, community outreach and involvement, videography, and field shooting.  As I was excited when I started here to bring my skills from the classroom, I am just as excited to bring my new skills from here back to the classroom.”
Thank YOU Breanna for all of your hard work and dedication!
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Terry Duenas (left) with HAC’s Deanna Bussiere and her husband David at Cape Cod Community Media Center’s Annual Meeting.

From the Housing Assistance Corporation Blog

“Inside the relatively dark studio at the Cape Cod Community Media Center, the spotlight shone brightly on HAC’s own Deanna Bussiere at the end of June.

The media center is a familiar place for Bussiere, who helps organize HAC’s shelter telethon which is held there every December. And because of her work on the telethon, the media center honored Bussiere with the Barbara Bird Community Impact Award. The award is named after a longtime producer at the media center whose outside activities included volunteering at HAC’s NOAH Shelter in Hyannis.
“The recipient of this year’s award is a really special person,” Terry Duenas, executive director of the media center, said in recognizing Bussiere’s accomplishments.
While he acknowledged HAC’s team that helps to put on the telethon, Duenas singled out Bussiere at the media center’s annual meeting: “They have one person who is
absolutely a stand out because I think they give her the jobs that no one else will do and she gets them done.”
Duenas went even further in an e-mail to Bussiere, who first started working at HAC in 2001, letting her know she had been chosen for the award. “Your amazing behind the scenes work for years with the Shelter Cape Cod Telethon and many other outreach projects make you a great candidate for this award,” he wrote. “You are a consummate team player who wants no personal credit, but is always a supportive and dedicated member of the Housing Assistance Corporation staff.”
Along with the award, which hangs proudly in Bussiere’s office, she was given a bouquet of flowers from her coworkers. Elias Benaka, whose mother Margaret works in the same department as Bussiere, presented her with the gift.”
Back to School

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What’s Happening
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