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Summer Camp, Week 1

Filed in Blog by on August 2, 2017 0 Comments • views: 613

This week began summer camp here at the Cape Cod Community Media Center. The first group consisted of 3 seventh graders. Sami and Phebe are locals, and Keegan traveled here from West Springfield. Each one shows a strong interest in different aspects of what we do here at the Media Center. For the girls, it is acting, while Keegan has enjoyed working behind the scenes alongside interns Jake and Harry for all of the technical work.

As a whole, the campers have been working together on a group project. They were assigned a scene to film for Crowdsourced Boston- a great event where Public Access stations on Cape Cod and in the Greater Boston area are randomly assigned different scenes to film independently, all from the same movie. The movie selected this year is Back To The Future, a 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox. As a center, we were given 3 scenes total to film. The campers chose to recreate the scene where Doc returns from time traveling, reconnects with Marty, and then continues on his journey into the future. Phebe is playing the role of Doc, while Sami is playing the role of Marty, and Keegan is working the cameras and assisting in all areas of production. To prepare for this production, the campers created their own storyboards for the scene, a prop list, practiced their lines and laid out the green screen. We were so impressed at their attention to detail!

Aside from the assigned project, the campers have proven themselves to be ambitious students of media through their creation of “Let’s Talk Chicken”- a new talk show hosted by Phebe and Sami, filmed and switched by Keegan! So far, two full episodes have been completed, as well as a promo to grasp the viewer’s attention for episode three. These episodes may be viewed right on the Cape Cod Community Media Center’s Facebook page. (
Take note of Keegan’s impressive lighting skills and camera angles! Before filming took place, the girls sat down to write out a script. They rehearsed in the conference room, took to the studio to create their very own set, and then confidently sat in front of the camera to hit the ground running with their new show! They have collectively edited these episodes themselves. On behalf of everyone, I have to say how impressive it is that the campers took the initiative to suggest this extra project, not to mention the fact that it was done so smoothly!

Overall, this has been a very exciting week here at the Media Center. These energetic seventh graders arrived with brilliant ideas, impressive talent and most importantly, the desire to learn more and more every day. Their camp week is coming to an end, so stay tuned to see their final product for Crowdsourced Boston, as well as more episodes from “Let’s Talk Chicken”!

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