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Classes | Training

The Media Center has designed classes and workshops to help our members learn about video production, and turn their ideas into reality.  Members can enroll in classes on a first- come-first-served basis through our member reservation system, ISAAC. All members must complete New Member Orientation before enrolling in classes.

If you have any questions about classes and special accommodations, call our Training Coordinator Jamie Horton at 508-394-2388 ext. 108
If you have an questions about your membership, call our Membership Director Izzi Caplan at 508-394-2388 ext. 102

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Studio Classes

Basic Studio Production
Instructor: Jamie

Through a series of hands-on experiences in the studio and control room, members will learn how to plan and produce their own talk show in a professional television studio, specifically learning the basic responsibilities of a typical studio crew. Basic Studio Production is three sessions and meets in Studio A on Wednesdays at 6:30.

This course certifies members to reserve and produce programs in Studio A. 

Prerequisite: New Member Orientation

Field Production Classes

Basic Field Production
Instructor: Jamie 

This class will cover the basics of camera operation, shooting, and the equipment you’ll need out in the field. Basic Field Production is two sessions and meets on Fridays at 1pm in the bull pen.

This course certifies members to reserve and check out field equipment.

Prerequisite: New Member Orientation

New! Digital Filmmaking 101
Instructor: Jamie 

This class will teach members how to shoot movies in a cinematic way, involving adapting a pre-prepared script to storyboards, choosing dramatic angles necessary for specific scenes, utilizing directing techniques based on modern HD digital filmmaking methods, and recording field audio using a boom pole and portable sound recording device.

Prerequisite: New Member Orientation and Basic Field Production

Editing Classes

Basic Editing with Adobe Premiere 
Instructor: Jamie

Learn the Basics of Adobe Premiere. In this class you will learn how to start a project, review your footage, and start editing. After completing this class, you’ll be well on your way to editing like a pro! Basic Editing meets on Mondays at 6:30.

Prerequisite: New Member Orientation

Audio Classes

New! Basic Podcasting 

By Appointment Only!

Please call Izzi Caplan at 508-394-2388 ext. 102 to book.

Basic Podcasting teaches members how to create a podcast using the RODECaster Pro. Members will learn how to record a podcast with microphones, sound effects, music, and pre-recorded sound. The course will also cover basic post-production techniques and tips for distributing a podcast. 

All podcasts created using Media Center equipment must be noncommercial in nature.

This course certifies members to reserve the RODECaster Pro for use at the Media Center.

Prerequisite: New Member Orientation