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Browse the calendar below for our latest Classes and Workshops, Studio and Field Production classes run on a rotating basis and RSVP and Membership is required. All members are to have completed orientation before enrolling in any classes.

Call the Media Center and speak with  Jamie for all the ongoing classes. If you have any special needs, just let us know, we can have one of our experts help you – 508-394-2388  Jamie: ext. 108 Training Coordinator

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Our classes are offered to our members on a monthly basis.  Members can register for classes through RueShare. Only members who have completed orientation are eligible to register for classes. 

Audio Classes

Audio Post-Production

Instructor: Jay
Want to learn techniques used by the major studios like Sony, Disney, and MGM? Jay will discuss how to clean and restore dialog from tough field recordings; how to mix the elements together; how to properly set levels for broadcast on television vs the internet vs theatrical release.

Music Mix Monday

Instructor: Jay
Join Jay Sheehan for his Lunch-N-Learn series on music mixing. This class meets the first and third Monday each month from 11:30-1pm in Studio B. Discussions such as how to listen, what goes into a mix, achieving proper balance, prep for mastering, as well as hands on mixing.

Field Production Classes

Field Audio 101

Instructor: Jay

In this Lunch-N-Learn series, you will learn the basics to capturing better audio when working in the field. This class will cover everything from microphone choices and techniques, to proper wireless use and double system recording.

Field/Event Coverage

Instructor: Jamie

This new workshop will be geared toward Non-Profit Group members and individuals that would like to broadcast meetings and events happening around the community.  We will talk about camera placement, the importance of audio, and how to make an interesting program.

Certification class; 2 sessions, members required to be certified before checking out equipment.


Instructor: Jamie

B-Roll class is a great way to practice the different shooting techniques and camera settings.  Producing b-roll gives you more options for storytelling and more options for creative editing.

Studio Classes

Studio Production/Host your own talk show

Instructor: Jamie

Through a series of hands on experience in the studio and control room, members will learn how to plan and produce their own talk show in a professional television studio, specifically learning the basic responsibilities of a typical studio crew.

Broadcast Pix

Instructor: Jamie

This is a two session class that will allow you to have hands on training of the Broadcast Pix switcher and learn how to technical direct like a professional.  This course will also introduce the Broadcast Pix graphics system where you will learn how to make attractive graphics for your studio shoots.

Instructor: Jamie
Need some assistance in the control room when it comes to lighting? This is the class for you! Learn how to light a set for television, and gain hands-on experience on our lighting board.


Studio Camera Class

Instructor: Breanna/Amar

Want to volunteer as a camera operator at the Media Center? Join us for a one hour hands on demonstration that will have you trained and ready to participate on our next big production! This class will cover the basic functions of our studio cameras (Sony XD CAM EX) This class is held immediately after New Member Orientation held on the third Wednesday of the month. 


Interview Techniques
Instructor: Breanna
Whether you`re interested in hosting a talk show in the studio or reporting for our community, exploring techniques and developing your style is key to a successful conversation.  This class will cover a wide range of topics from interview topics, styles, news gathering tips, enhancing on camera presence, and listening skills.

Basic Editing Adobe Premiere

Instructor: Paula/Jamie 

Want to learn the basics of Premiere? This is the class for you.  This class introduces how to import content, insert edits, the use of transitions, effects, graphics, audio mixing, and more.


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