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Yarmouth Police Officers Assaulted, Man Arrested

Filed in NEWS HEADLINES, Police by on June 14, 2018 • views: 638

Police departments across the nation all share one top priority: to protect and serve their community. Being in this line of work can be very gratifying, but officers must constantly be on their toes as dangerous situations can develop suddenly and be almost impossible to predict at times. Yarmouth PD is no exception, and knows the unpredictability of the job can be alarming, especially when it comes to presumably disturbed suspects.

Yarmouth Police Department had two of their patrol officers assaulted on Sunday, June 10th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. after being dispatched to the area of Route 28 near Camp Street. Patrol Officers Ryan Murphy and Mary Gibney got a report of a suspicious male wandering in the middle of traffic, supposedly “challenging vehicles”. The man, later identified as 35 year-old, Jarred Adkins, had cuts on his forehead and bare feet, and stood still with his hood up when he saw the cops approach the scene.

As Murphy and Gibney attempted to converse with the subject, he did not budge, and stared ahead in silence with a reportedly “glazed over” look in his eyes. When they removed his hood from blocking his face, Adkins went off yelling a stream of rambling nonsense, some of which included “My Savior Jesus” and “I demand respect”.

Although a difficult subject to communicate with, the officers continued their attempt to speak with him and asked if he needed help. After moments of silence yet again, Adkins began moving his arms in odd motions and began to walk down the sidewalk after bumping into Gibney with his chest. He soon resorted to shouting and made his way back into the middle of the busy road.

At this point, both patrol officers relayed to Adkins that he was under arrest and procedurally went to grab each of his arms. He yanked his arms away and started whipping them around to resist their grasp. He hit both Officer Murphy and Gibney in the head, refusing to cooperate even when he was brought to the ground and commanded to put his hands behind his back.

Officers used a Taser drive stun on the individual twice; once during the initial struggle, and once after Officer Jason Batchelder arrived on the scene. Both deployments of the Taser were unsuccessful in controlling the wildly resistant subject. Murphy and Gibney each sustained cuts and scrapes to their arms, hands and knees during the violent scuffle.

Eventually the Yarmouth officers got Adkins in handcuffs and brought him to their Headquarters where he refused to answer questions and resisted treatment to his array of wounds. Although persistently denying authorities of personal information, Adkins was soon identified through electronic fingerprint analysis.

It was discovered that Mr. Jarred Adkins is a convicted felon on probation with 31 prior charges in Massachusetts, and is currently wanted on a warrant out of Cherokee Village, Arkansas.

Protecting a community is no easy task; officers nationwide face dangerous felons on a day by day basis in order to improve the safety of the places we call home. Commendable actions such as those of Officer Murphy and Gibney continue to make our community a better, safer place.


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