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Filed in NEWS HEADLINES, Police by on June 12, 2018 • views: 701

In the wake of the tragic murder of Sergeant Sean M. Gannon and the shooting of his police canine partner K9 Nero, the Yarmouth Police Department is taking big strides in order to prevent future incidents like this. With a tremendous outpour of support and donations from the Cape Cod community, the YPD and the Yarmouth Police Foundation were proud to announce their purchase and implementation of the new K9 Storm Intruder Camera System on Monday, June 11, at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters.

This State-of-the-Art camera system is truly remarkable, and allows officers to see from the dogs’ point of view while completing operations or searches. The camera weighs about a pound and has a 1,000 yard range, capturing a clear wide angle shot in any type of lighting. Complete darkness is no issue, as the device can shoot in infrared and still display the canine’s surroundings quite well. Accompanying the actual camera, is the new canine Storm Vest. As demonstrated by Officer Michael Kramer and his K9 partner Satu, the camera attaches securely to the vest worn by the police dog, and is linked to the monitors that display everything in view through the special lens.

The YPD currently have two of these monitors; one sitting on the tactical vest of the officer who’s K9 is strapped into the system, and another available for a Sergeant or commanding tactical officer to see what is going on from a distance. “This system is a huge benefit to the K9-Unit, but also to the tactical teams as well,” says Kramer, “the more information we can gather, the safer we’re all going to be”.

The camera will be used primarily for tactical operations with the dogs for searching locations, such as SWAT team missions, to observe what the canines are seeing when they are out of the officers’ sight. “When the handler can’t see the dog, there’s a lot of things that could be happening”, Chief Frederickson explained to the public on Monday, “many situations where, if we had the camera…it would’ve been a much better situation”.

Not only does the K9 Storm Intruder Camera System allow officers to analyze the layout of a room through the “eyes” of the police dogs; it can also be used as a tactical camera with the help of the K9 Storm Pole. The main device can be removed from the Storm Vest, and attached to the end of the Storm Pole which stretches a lengthy 12 feet. When faced with an unexplored high place such as an attic, officers can raise the pole to survey the location before entering it themselves, giving them extra time to prepare for and possibly even avoid an otherwise risky situation. The implementation of this innovative system will go a long way to keep the community and our police force safer.

The arrival of the applauded K9 Storm Intruder Camera System was made possible entirely by citizens all over Cape Cod and across the nation who generously donated to the cause in honor of Sergeant Sean M. Gannon and K9 Nero. “I always knew we had support in the community,” remarks Frederickson, “but not in my wildest dreams did I realize how much support we really do have”.


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