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Member Portal & Reservations

Members can now make their own reservations using the ISAAC portal.

- Please note that equipment may be reserved for up to 7 days.
- Equipment is expected to be returned by the agreed-upon time during the reservation process.
- Late fees will be assessed accordingly based on the timeliness of the equipment being returned.

If you have any questions, please email

Using the Reservation Dashboard

If you’re having trouble with Isaac, we can train you! Contact the Media Center staff to set up an appointment or phone call.

Email or call 508-394-2388. 


Click the Portal Login button above, or visit and click LOGIN at the top right.
Sign in with the username and password provided by a staff member. If you don’t know your username or password, contact


1. Select your project 

(Ask a staff member to create a project for you if you do not have one.)

2. Select your episode (optional)

3. Select desired date and time

(Click the Calendar icon to select a date. Click the Clock icon to select a time. Careful – it’s in military time!

Do this for your Start Date & Time AND your End Date & Time.

4. Under reservation type select “Reserve for later.”


5. Add equipment

In the “Select Equipment” dropdown menu, search for your desired equipment. Click “Add Equipment to Order” after each piece of desired equipment. Each item will be listed below.

If the equipment or facility is available, you’ll see on the right that the equipment was successfully added to your reservation. If it is not available, a notification will appear.

6. Select “Reserve” at the bottom of the page.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you.